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Dental care is a crucial component of your pet's overall health. Neglecting dental health can lead to significant issues, including heart, liver, and kidney diseases, as dental problems can easily spread through the bloodstream. Alarmingly, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats over the age of three suffer from some form of dental disease, making it the most common health issue among pets.


The Importance of Dental Hygiene

Despite its significance, many pet owners overlook dental care. Maintaining your pet's dental hygiene can be achieved through various methods, such as home brushing, dental chews, and regular inspections. However, the most effective defense against dental disease is professional cleaning.

Professional Dental Cleanings

At All Cats & Dogs Veterinary Hospital, we offer comprehensive dental cleanings, including areas beneath the gums that are impossible to reach at home. Our professional cleanings are designed to remove plaque and tartar, preventing the progression of dental disease.

It's essential to be vigilant for symptoms of dental issues in your pet. Signs can include brown or yellow teeth, bad breath, and difficulty eating. These symptoms indicate that it's time for a dental check-up.

Recognizing the Signs of Dental Disease

Prevention is key to maintaining your pet's dental health. We recommend regular dental check-ups to catch potential problems early. During these visits, we can provide advice on home dental care and recommend products that can help keep your pet's teeth clean and healthy.

Preventative Dental Care

Home Dental Care for Your Pet

Maintaining your pet's dental health at home is an essential part of their overall well-being. Here are some tips to help you keep your furry friend's teeth clean and healthy:

Teeth Brushing: Regular brushing can slow the buildup of plaque and tartar. It's recommended to brush your pet's teeth several times a week using pet-friendly toothpaste.

Tartar-Control Diet: Specialized diets can support dental health. Consult with us for high-quality tartar-control food options.

Oral Care Wipes: If your pet resists brushing, oral cleansing wipes can be a gentle alternative. You can also use gauze wrapped around your finger with pet-friendly toothpaste to clean along the gumline.

Dental Chews & Treats: These products are designed to reduce plaque and freshen breath. Ask our team for recommendations that suit your pet's needs.

Questions or Concerns?

Don't wait for dental disease to affect your pet's well-being. Contact us today at (270) 904-2660 to learn more about our dental services or to schedule your pet's dental cleaning. Let us help you ensure your pet's smile stays bright and healthy!

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